It is an application for transferring load from construction of structure.

It is a non-displacement form of foundation that is cast inside and able to carry very high load/shear/moment capacity. EPT has a very in-depth experience in the construction of bored piles of different diameters ranging from 500mm up to 2000mm diameters and depths crossing 50 meters.

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EPT has all the necessary high brand equipment and devices to perform all kinds of piles testing which are very important to test the piles success in carrying the applied load and achieving the required settlement like static load tests and also necessary to study the integrity of the pile shaft to discover any defect same like cross-hole sonic test and integrity tests.
Other test as caliper logging test are done to monitor the required diameter of the pile while drilling along the pile shaft.

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In general piling is an essential element of the construction process regardless of whether the structure is taking place on land or offshore.

EPT has an unmatched knowledge of Qatar and its seabed conditions and has done many successful marine pile projects using its own guide frame to perform the work.

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This package of services is offered to the sectors of construction industry – residential, commercial and industrial development.

The company operates offices, and employs a highly qualified and motivated team from its General Manager to its dedicated labours with a considerable experience in the G.C.C. piling application and plant maintenance.

A fleet of piling rigs and equipment are available at the company's plant depot at Industrial Area, along with the best technical tools and solutions for all kinds of projects including secant piles, contiguous piles, tower piles, shoring, anchoring, deep excavation and dewatering.